Top 5 FAQs for newborn photography sessions

Planning a newborn photo session? Here are my five most frequently asked questions—and tips for your newborn photo session. Get ready for the cutest pictures ever!

What should baby wear? Unless there is a sentimental or special outfit, don’t worry about how baby is dressed. A simple wrap or diaper cover (if you want those cute naked baby shots) will do just fine. I bring along a variety of wraps, baskets and other props we can utilize throughout the shoot. Make sure to keep the diaper loose prior to the session to avoid lines or red marks on the skin. Also, avoid socks which can also often leave marks on the skin.

Newborn photography montreal. Newborn sleeping in a basket.

We’re shooting in the house—how should I prepare before you arrive? Turn off the AC and any fans, and let the room get warm. Babies hate cold, especially when they’re naked! Also, turn off the TV, radio or any other distracting devices so we can focus and the environment will remain calm and peaceful for baby. Please don’t move any furniture until I get there. I can work in very small spaces and can usually make do without changing a thing.

What props should I have on hand? I bring everything needed for your newborn photography session. Check out my portfolio for other newborn shots, and see what other parents are using! If you see something you like, let us know and we’ll be sure to coordinate it ahead of time. And if you don’t see what you had in mind prop-wise, let me know, too. I work with a number of amazing vendors and can source just about anything!

How should I prep baby? Make sure his/her belly is full—even if it means he/she will be a little sleepy at the start of the session. I often have mothers nurse their babies as I’m setting up so that baby is as full as possible. Look at other newborn photos, and you’ll likely see sleeping newborns in most of the shots. That’s because while they’re sleeping they naturally fall into the best poses—and that means adorable photos! Their eyes will definitely open throughout the shoot, so we can capture those “waking” moments, too.

Anything else I need to know? While we will never leave baby unattended or in a precarious pose or prop, I do ask that you stay near your baby with a hand on or near him/her at all times.

I encourage everyone to join in for the newborn session and pose the baby with parents and siblings. I ask that everyone dress in neutral tones without flashy colours, patterns or logos.

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