When To Book Your Newborn Photography Session

As a general rule, it is best to start thinking about your newborn photography session before your baby is born, ideally during your second trimester. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to research photographers, find one that you love, and schedule an appointment that works for you.

Newborn photography sessions are typically done when the baby is between 5-14 days old. This is because, during this time, babies tend to be sleepier and more cooperative, which allows the photographer to capture those adorable, curled-up poses that are so popular in newborn photography.

Keep in mind that every photographer has their own schedule and availability, so it’s important to book your session as early as possible to ensure that you get a spot that works for you. Also, be sure to communicate with your photographer about any special requests or concerns that you may have so that they can create a customized session that meets your needs and expectations.


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