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A little about me!

As a laid-back perfectionist, my patience is infinite. This comes in handy in my own home as I enjoy life with my two children, and beloved husband. Sometimes I close my eyes and smile at the waves of life splashing through the house – I love the role I play in creating a safe home for my family to grow.

As a mother and photographer, I attend to details, but understand that little ones don’t recognize in the moment that they’re preserving fabulous memories they’ll want to have someday. They’d rather eat, sleep, and play on their own schedule.

With ten years experience photographing babies, I know how to work with their natural rhythms to make sessions stress-free and fun. Starting with the familiarity of your home, I capture images as their personality emerges, just as it does every day. And the resulting images bring into simple, sweet focus the beauty of this life you’re creating together.

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